The Charlevoix Commercial Center has self-storage units that are heated, unheated, or air conditioned.  There are a variety of sizes for your storage needs:

  • Small (S): 50 to 100 SQ-FT
  • Medium (M): 100 to 250 SQ-FT
  • Large (L): 250 to 500 SQ-FT
  • Extra Large (XL): > 500 SQ-FT

Download the link below or download the pdf for an overhead view of the unit location.

Some of the sizes can be seen in the photos below.  Some units have garage and man doors accessible from the outside.  Please contact us for details and availability.

Temperature & Humidity Control

The heating and humidity control varies throughout the building. An overhead building drawing showing the building sections can be found at this link.

Sections B, C, and D1

Storage units are heated and kept above freezing temperature in the winter.

Sections D2, E, F, G, and H

Storage units are also heated above freezing temperatures. In addition, there are humidity sensors which activate the heaters if the humidity rises above 60% relative humidity. You may notice in the summer that the heaters may be running, do not be concerned it is to drive down the humidity level. There are also blowers and ceiling fans to make the temperature more uniform in these sections. The ceiling fans are controlled by temperature sensors at the floor and ceiling levels.

Section I

Storage unit contains an overhead heater unit.

Section J

Storage units J1 & J2 share an overhead heater unit.  In addition, there are humidity sensors which activate the heater if the humidity rises above 60% relative humidity. 

** As with any heating or humidity control system, it can be subject to mechanical/electrical failure or malfunction. The facility makes no guarantees regarding temperature or humidity control relating to the safety of contents stored in the units.

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